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subsidy equipment sector steel and aluminum

Canada’s Economic Development has just announced exceptional support to steel and aluminum companies to help them increase their productivity and competitiveness and maintain and create jobs in the industry. Equipment financing is one of them.

This Regional Economic Growth through Innovation Steel and Aluminum Initiative, comes into effect on March 11, 2019 and priority will be given to proposals received between March 11, 2019 and April 8 2019. You have very little time to complete your application, so we can help you with your grant applications for the purchase of your metalworking equipment. Contact us at 1-844-903-2999 or complete the form below.

Eligible activities:

  • Improved productivity: acquisition of equipment, processes and / or technologies and improvement of manufacturing capacity;
  • Business expansion: market development and expansion, diagnostics, adoption of best practices, processes and management systems and business development;
  • Technology commercialization: Late development of products to diversify markets and foster growth, such as the presentation of technologies and integration into global value chains.

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