Ventes de pièces pour équipements industriels

660T press brake motor

The efficiency of your industrial operations depends directly on the performance of your equipment. At Metfab, we understand the critical importance of keeping your benders, shears, ironworkers and other industrial machines in perfect working order. This is why we are proud to present our extensive range of parts that will meet the needs of your industrial equipment fleet.

  • Hydraulic parts: hydraulic, proportional valves, hydraulic pressure regulator, cylinder…
  • Pneumatic parts: pressure gauge, pneumatic valve, connector…
  • Electrical parts: fuses, limit switch, relay, circuit breaker, etc.
  • Mechanical parts: cable chain, ball caster, filter, strainer, motor, belt…
  • Spare parts for machines: pedals, backgage fingers, DELEM controller, linear stop, folder handle, laser support, etc.

See the list of our spare parts in stock

By choosing our spare parts for your industrial equipment, you are investing in the durability, reliability and productivity of your business. Trust Metfab to meet all your needs for industrial machine parts as well as electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and mechanical components.

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