Delem DAC 360s

Delem DAC 360s controller

The Delem DAC 360s controller provides a user-friendly and versatile solution for shearing machines. It controls back gauge axes, cutting angle, stroke length and gap and automatically calculates the required setting for the cutting angle and gap depending on material properties and thickness. 100 shearing programms of 25 cuts can […]

plate roll rebel 4 rolls heavy duty

Heavy Duty plate roll Rebel

You need to roll heavy steel plate over 1 inch, 2 inch or thicker? Discover our Heavy Duty plate roll Rebel, 4 rolls, including  powered by hydromotor and planetary gearbox. With this plate roll, roll complete circle, elliptical and varied angles easily. Solid welded steel frames for all your metal […]

Rebel Shear

New Rebel Shear – THE Best Affordable Shear on the Market!

Looking for a robust and affordable hydraulic shear? We have the solution ! The new Rebel shear will perfectly meet your needs. With a sleek design according to your company’s colors, a robust welded steel frame and hardened blades for greater precision, the Rebel shear combines performance, design and affordability. […]

angle roll operate controller

How to operate the NC of the angle roll

We offer a video guide to using the numerical controller of our angle bending machines. Summary of the video: User entrance Manual mode Semi-auto mode Auto mode Teach mode How to write a program Edit an existing program Delete a program How to operate the Angle Roll Numerical Controller  […]

ironworker IW 115 Rebel Metfab

Ironworker Rebel IW 115 – Video demonstration

The ironworker IW 115 is a 5 in 1 metal working machine that will save you time. In addition to its 5 workstations for punching, shearing, notching and cutting of angles and profiles, it also allows two operators to work at the same time, which allows better productivity. Video demonstration […]

plieuse rapide Rebel haute vitesseFast press brake Rebel High Speed

An even faster press brake

Metfab has just added to its catalog, a range of high speed press brakes, to bend faster but just as efficiently. The Rebel High Speed press brake is available in 3 bending forces: 20, 30 and 40 tons and in length 3 or 4 feet. Rebel bending machines are economical […]

Shear video PB Series Metfab

PB Series Shear 1/4” video

The PB series shears are the most robust shears on the market thanks to their heavy duty frame. All components are of very high quality and easily accessible in North America. The PB shears are equipped with a pneumatic sheet support, ball screws and a CNC Delem 360 allowing you […]

4-roll plate bending machine

4-roll Plate Bending Machine video

The PB 4 roll plate bending machines have the ability to pinch the steel plate between the two central driven rolls, that guarantee a constant and accurate treatment of the plate. There are  many roll models for many applications. Contact us to get a quote on our plate rolls. Rolls diameter […]

TZ folding machine - Form a JF trim

TZ folding machine – Form a FJ trim

The folding machines TZ can fold very long metal sheets of 18 to 14 ga with a length of 13 to 40 feet. These electric long folders are fast, accurate, and have a perfect parallelism. Folding length : 13 to 40 feet and more Folding capacity : 18 ga 45° […]

Angle Roll Metfab Rebel 120

Video of the Rebel 120 Pipe Bending Machine

Hydraulic Angle roll Rebel 120 with 3 rolls, a very versatile roll bender for rolling pipes, profiles, angle iron or flat bars. Rolls Diameter : 15.35” (390mm) Motor : 15 KW Tridimensional movement of lateral guides (up/down, back/forward) Universal standard rollers adapted to all types of sections and pipes Video […]

Fold steel box with Pro Z folder

Forming a box with Pro Z folding machine

The electric folding machine Pro Z can fold complex profiles and fold heavy material of 12 ga over a length of 10 to 13 feet. In this video, we show you how to form a box by folding the 4 sides of a sheet of metal with folder How to […]

Bending machine Video of the Rebel 80 angle roll

Video of the Rebel 80 Angle Roll

Hydraulic Angle roll Rebel 80 with 3 rolls, a very versatile roll bender for rolling pipes, profiles, angle iron or flat bars. Rolls Diameter : 9.65” (245mm) Motor : 4 KW Guides latéraux tridimensionnels (haut/bas, avant/arrière) Tridimensional movement of lateral guides (up/down, back/forward) Video of the Rebel 80 angle roll […]

folding machine cidan K25-40

Folding machine Cidan K25-40 – Video

The CIDAN folding machine K25-40 is an electric folding machine with a numerical controller. It is the ideal folder for folding building surfaces such as aluminum roofs. Folding length: 13.25 feet Folding capacity: Steel: 14 ga Stainless steel: 19 ga Aluminum: 9 ga Demonstration of the folding machine K25-40 K25 […]

Rolleri Hemming tooling demo

The hemming tool is a press brake die that will save you time: a single die for two operations without changing tool. This tool is up to 13 GA (0.095 ”) and fits on all our PB Series and PBM Series press brakes. Demontration of the hemming tool Metfab the […]

press brake cone application PB 350

Press Brake 165 tons – Cone application

The press brake PB 165 tons is assembled in Canada with quality components recognized in North America. This press brake is robust, precise and allows the repetition of bending.  This hydraulic press brake is available in lengths 10, 13 and 16 feet or more. Bending force : 165 tons Bending […]