Metfab is the exclusive distributor of Rolleri tools in Canada. Rolleri bending tools are manufactured with Chrome-42 and Chrome-45 steel with a hardness of 54 to 60 Rockwell C. Metfab also manufactures our own custom-made bending dies. They are made in Canada. Our bending dies are easily adjustable by a single operator. Ask us for your press brake tools. You need custom punch and die, we can make it for you.

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ROLLERI tooling

Metfab is a distributor of ROLLERI tools in Canada

  • Rolleri tools are designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Induction hardened to a depth of 0.118 inch
  • Hardness of 54 to 60 Rockwell C
  • Made of chrome steel 42 and chrome steel 45

Download Rolleri tooling catalog: Rolleri tooling

Laser B-Sniper

The B-Sniper laser draws a visible laser line on the sheet metal to simulate a bending line.

It is useful for:

  • CONICAL BENDING funnels and hoppers
  • REINFORCEMENTS bending of transversal ribs for thin panels
  • IRREGULAR PROFILES difficult to be positioned against backgauge
  • MARKED BENDING laser marking or other reference marking
  • BEND A SECOND TIME in the same bending line

Vario Bend

Rolleri Vario is a patented adjustable die system. We can equip a press brake with a single tool and change the system “V” opening through the CNC or manually.

Rolleri Vario main features are:

  • ease-of-use,
  • maximum load up to 3000 kN/m based on the models,
  • 60° bending angle to better manage the sprinback of the sheet metal,
  • modular structure in length.

Rolleri Vario is born with 1000 mm standard pieces, which can be merged in one single die with a minimum length of 1000 mm, up to the full length of the press brake.
Our models on the market are now from 1 to 12 meters length. 
Single units can always be set individually, obtaining different v openings on the same press brake. Thanks to this modularity it’s possible to obtain different radius and bending angles.

Its functioning its extremely practical, it’s a pneumatic system which releases the whole structure from the supporting rack, in order to reach the selected “V”. Once the position is set (manually or by CNC) the air pressure drop (standard pressure 6 bar) and the structure is ready to work.

Metfab adjustable press brake dies

  • Press brake tooling made in Canada
  • Standard and custom bending dies
  • 39-inches section
  • Adjustable V die – max opening 12 inches
  • Custom V die sizes available
  • Interchangeable contact surface with 2 different radiuses
  • Induction hardened to 58 Rockwell C
  • Easily adjustable by a single operator

Download your catalog: Metfab press brake dies

Video of Metfab Progressive Dies

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