Metfab is the exclusive distributor of Rolleri tools in Canada. Rolleri bending tools are manufactured with Chrome-42 and Chrome-45 steel with a hardness of 54 to 60 Rockwell C. Metfab also manufactures our own custom-made bending dies. They are made in Canada. Our bending dies are easily adjustable by a single operator. Ask us for your press brake tools. You need custom punch and die, we can make it for you.

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ROLLERI tooling

  • Metfab is the exclusive distributor of ROLLERI tools in Canada
  • Rolleri tools are designed and manufactured in Italy
  • Induction hardened to a depth of 0.118 inch
  • Hardness of 54 to 60 Rockwell C
  • Made of chrome steel 42 and chrome steel 45

Download Rolleri tooling catalog: Rolleri tooling


Laser B-Sniper

The B-Sniper laser draws a visible laser line on the sheet metal to simulate a bending line.

It is useful for:

  • CONICAL BENDING funnels and hoppers
  • REINFORCEMENTS bending of transversal ribs for thin panels
  • IRREGULAR PROFILES difficult to be positioned against backgauge
  • MARKED BENDING laser marking or other reference marking
  • BEND A SECOND TIME in the same bending line

Metfab adjustable press brake dies

  • Press brake tooling made in Canada
  • Standard and custom bending dies
  • 39-inches section
  • Adjustable V die – max opening 12 inches
  • Custom V die sizes available
  • Interchangeable contact surface with 2 different radiuses
  • Induction hardened to 58 Rockwell C
  • Easily adjustable by a single operator

Download your catalog: Metfab press brake dies

Video of Metfab Progressive Dies

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