Alliance Custom Fabrication, Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Greg Sheldon, Alliance Custom Fabrication, about Metfab’s customer service
I can’t say enough good things about them, they always send guys the next day when we need something to be fixed

Conception Navale FMP, Newport, Québec, Canada

Francis Parisé, co-owner of Conception Navale FMP talks about his Rebel Pro Series press brake:
The advantages of having chosen Metfab are the proximity, the service, the availability of parts and the fact that you can speak at any time with someone […] We often have customer requests to manufacture special objects that do not exist anywhere on the planet. This folder solved the problem of being able to do it.It really gave us the advantage of being able to tailor-make on customer demand.

Hauk Machines, Waynesboro, PA, United-States

Kenny Hauk, owner of Hauk Designs, Hauk Machines and Hauk Off-Road, Pennsylvania, United States, about Rebel Pro Series press brakes
This new Metfab press brake is going to be an awesome way for us to keep up with the demand and make sure that our quality stays right where it needs to be.

Foresco, Val d’Or, Québec, Canada

    Julien and Yan, employees at Foresco, Val d’Or, Québec, about the Press brake PB 450
Service in French, service in Quebec, it was important for us to be able to call a technician at any time, then have an instant answer, that is what we have with Metfab Equipment. 

H & H Welding, BC, Canada

    Ron Runkle, Owner of H & H Welding, Fabrication and Rental Ltd
A lot of products we do, we have to metal stamp them with characters and we presented this challenge to Martin. A few weeks went by and they came up with a design to make up stamping tooling to adapt to the press brake and he made the two stamping dies and they work awesome. We do all our stamping and bending and it just speeds up the whole process on each product and they were able to do that for us

Plate 2000, Usitech 2000 and Boltech

   Patrick Bolduc, President of Plate 2000, Usitech 2000 and Boltech

Working with Metfab – we purchased the 350-ton press brake in the PB series – allowed us to bring back internal production and even to work with our subcontractors. Having a 350-ton press brake on the floor in our region is rare, and it has opened doors for us. There are even cutting companies that do their tooling at our facilities. This has brought us additional business because we’ve set ourselves apart from the rest.