Delem DAC 360s controller

Delem DAC 360s

The Delem DAC 360s controller provides a user-friendly and versatile solution for shearing machines. It controls back gauge axes, cutting angle, stroke length and gap and automatically calculates the required setting for the cutting angle and gap depending on material properties and thickness. 100 shearing programms of 25 cuts can be memorized in the DAC 360s controller. The stroke length is optimized based on the required cutting length, increasing productivity. The back gauge control supports servo control, 2-speed AC control as well as inverter control. Depending on the application you can select either two-side positioning or single side positioning with spindle correction. The numerical programming is user-friendly and guides the operator through all programming possibilities.. Find the DELEM DAC 360s controller on our PB et Rebel Series shears.

How to use the DELEM DAC 360s

Setting Tab:

Delem DAC 360s settings

  • Brightness and contrast settings
  • Selection of language and measuring system – 1 / inch – 2 / mm


Manual Positionning Tab:

delem DAC360s position settings

  1. Positioning the backgauge
  2. Positioning of the angle
  3. Positioning the spacing between knives

Manual Mode:

Delem DAC 360s manual mode

  1. M: Cutting metal number – 1 / Steel – 2 / Aluminum – 3 / Stainless
  2. Thickness of the metal
  3. Cutting length (the cut will be at the indicated length and not at the length of the shear, to gain speed)
  4. Space between the squaring arm and the material
  5. Number of pieces
  6. Automatic calculation of the cutting angle, distance and stroke length according to the specified parameters

Automatique Mode:

delem DAC 360s auto mode

  • We find the same parameters as for the manual mode, but it is possible to create the sequences of cuts
  • Each line represents a section, you indicate the distance to be cut, length of cut and the number of repetition of the line
  • At the top right, we can see the corresponding program number


Delem DAC 360s programs

List of registered automatic programs, up to 100 programs can be registered

  • To create a new program, select a blank line and press “Enter”
  • To edit a program, select the program line and press “Enter”


Delem DAC-360s Controller featuring


  • Panel based housing
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Back/front gauge control
  • Retract function
  • Cutting angle and gap control
  • Stroke length limitation
  • Manual movement of axes
  • Force control
  • Sheet thickness measurement
  • Automatique and manual mode


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