TZ folding machine - Form a JF trim

TZ folding machine – Form a FJ trim

The folding machines TZ can fold very long metal sheets of 18 to 14 ga with a length of 13 to 40 feet. These electric long folders are fast, accurate, and have a perfect parallelism. Folding length : 13 to 40 feet and more Folding capacity : 18 ga 45° […]

Fold steel box with Pro Z folder

Forming a box with Pro Z folding machine

The electric folding machine Pro Z can fold complex profiles and fold heavy material of 12 ga over a length of 10 to 13 feet. In this video, we show you how to form a box by folding the 4 sides of a sheet of metal with folder How to […]

folding machine cidan K25-40

Folding machine Cidan K25-40 – Video

The CIDAN folding machine K25-40 is an electric folding machine with a numerical controller. It is the ideal folder for folding building surfaces such as aluminum roofs. Folding length: 13.25 feet Folding capacity: Steel: 14 ga Stainless steel: 19 ga Aluminum: 9 ga Demonstration of the folding machine K25-40 K25 […]