REBEL Mechanical Shear 1/8″

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  • Cutting length: : 6, 8 or 10 feet
  • Cutting capacity : 0.157″
  • Strokes per minute : 41
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SKU: Rebel 0.157 x 6' Categories: ,
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The REBEL Mechanical Shear 1/8″ is a robust and affordable shear, easy to use and fast. The mechanism of the Rebel mechanical shear is easy to maintain. They are silent machines. They are available with a 29.5 or 39.3 NC back gauge.

  • Welded steel frame
  • Numeric control for back gauge with 29.5″ stroke (39.3″ optional)
  • Square arm with ruler
  • Finger protection
  • Rear protection with lighting
  • LED lighting on cutting line
  • Front brackets
  • Cutting unit counter
  • Foot control pedal

REBEL Mechanical Shear Advantages

[fr]Vitesse  Speed: Mechanical shears are faster in full cycle than hydraulic shears

Bâti solide Shock resistant : Heavy welded steel parts and frame absorb shear shocks better than hydraulic shears

Maintenance Easy maintenance : The mechanism of the mechanical shears is easy to maintain and easy to repair

More silent : Mechanical shears are quiet, because they don’t have the constant noise of the hydraulic mechanism

écologique machine verte Ecological: No hydraulic oil, no hydraulic heat that requires cooling, no loss of hydraulic oil or filter

Features of REBEL Mechanical Shear 1/8″

  • Cutting length: : 6, 8 or 10 feet
  • Cutting capacity : 0.157″
  • Strokes per minute : 41

Additional information

Weight6614 lbs
Dimensions110.24 × 88.58 × 55.12 in

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Shearing Thickness - Mild Steel 45Kg/mm2

Shearing Length (feet)

, ,

Shearing Length

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Back gauge - Stroke

Strokes per minute


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