PB Shear 1/2” X 20′

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  • Shearing length : 20 feet
  • Shearing thickness :
    • Aluminum 30Kg/mm2 : 0.71”
    • Mild Steel 45Kg/mm2 : 0.51”
    • Stainless Steel 60Kg/mm2 : 0.31”
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SKU: PBS 1/2'' X 20' Categories: ,
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The guillotine sheet metal shears 1/2” x 20 feet can cut mild steel of 0.51 inches thick over a 20 feet cutting length. These hydraulic shears are robust, fast and with high level of shearing precision. 

The Holland Delem DAC360 CNC controller is included. This CNC controls shearing angle, distance and stroke.

Pneumatic sheet support can be added as an option.

Shearing Thickness capacity

  • Aluminum 30Kg/mm2 : 0.71”
  • Mild Steel 45Kg/mm2 : 0.51”
  • Stainless Steel 60Kg/mm2 : 0.31”

PB series Shears Components

  • Delem
  • Bosch-Rexroth
  • Parker
  • ABB
  • Yaskawa
  • Heidenhain

Additional information

Weight 68840 lbs
Dimensions 283.46 × 115.9 × 112.2 in
Shearing Thickness - Mild Steel 45Kg/mm2

Shearing Thickness - Stainless Steel 60Kg/mm2

Shearing Thickness - Aluminum 30Kg/mm2

Shearing Length (feet)

Shearing Length

Shearing Angle

Strokes per minute

Oil tank capacity

No. of Clamping

Main motor power

CNC system

No. and length of support arm

Back gauge - Stroke

Back gauge - Speed

Back gauge - Power

Back gauge - Accuracy


*The specifications are indicatives and may be subject to change.


CNC Elgo Touch P40T for shearElgo Touch P40T controller (for REBEL shears)

  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • 7″ full touch screen technology
  • Cutting adjustment
  • Automatic adjustment of cutting angle
  • Automatic blade gap adjustment
  • Sheet support feature selection
  • Retract function
  • Materials library

Delem DAC-360s controllerDAC360s

  • Panel based housing
  • Bright LCD screen
  • Back/front gauge control
  • Retract function
  • Cutting angle and gap control
  • Stroke length limitation
  • Manual movement of axes
  • Force control
  • Sheet thickness measurement


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