Used Folder HP-4×3050 Larosa

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Used Folder HP-4×3050 Larosa
Year 2017
Works perfectly fine.
The NC is not programmed for anything smaller the 10 mm

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SKU: HP-4x3050 Larosa 2017 Categories: ,
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Used Folder HP-4×3050 Larosa
Year 2017
Works perfectly fine.
The NC is not programmed for anything smaller the 10 mm

Model ItemHP-4X3050
Bending length  3050mm
Bending thickness14 gauge 2 mm
Max lift of the upper beam200mm
Evolving angle of the bending beam0°-130°
SIZE mm3600 x 810 x 1500
Weight: Kg3900
Main Motor KW5.5



  • Heavy duty steel fabricated construction.
  • Roving foot pedal incorporates control panel for maximum flexibility.
  • Unique moving guards ensures the front of the machine is clear for unobstructed loading/unloading of material.
  • Quality hydraulic and electrical components supplies by leading manufactures including Rexroth, Telemechanique, and Merlin Gerin.
  • Easy to use single angle programmable controller incorporating digital readout for angles from 0- 130 .
  • Capable of bending boxes up to 190 mm depth.
  • Rapid adjustment of head to optimize radius of bend for material from 1-4mm.
  • Auto cycle after clamping bottom beam will bend to pre-set angle and return, head unclamps to set position.
  • Simple opening height adjustment by timer.
  • Adjustable dwell timer ensures consistent bending angle.
  • Includes near 650 mm manual back gauge


Additional information

Weight8598 lbs
Dimensions141.73 × 31.89 × 59.05 in
Max Folding Range

Folding capacity - Mild Steel 45Kg/mm2

Bending length

Bending Length (feet)

*The specifications are indicatives and may be subject to change.


CNC Hydraulic Folding Machine Machine - HPK2504

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