We have selected for you three machines specially designed for roofing or architectural panel work: The Rebel Folder 14ga Combi, our motorized shear and our Rebel Pro folding machine with hemming tool.   14 Ga x 10′ cnc Rebel Folder      Fast bending Built-in combi for automatic 2-sided bending […]

Rebel 660T x 24' press brake

Installation of a Rebel 660T x 24′ press brake

Our team is currently in Manitoba for a major installation this week: a Rebel 660T x 24′ press brake of a total weight of 150,000 lbs. Several days are necessary to assemble this massive press brake and to connect the hydraulic and electrical elements. We decided to make a photo […]

plieuse rapide Rebel haute vitesseFast press brake Rebel High Speed

An even faster press brake

Metfab has just added to its catalog, a range of high speed press brakes, to bend faster but just as efficiently. The Rebel High Speed press brake is available in 3 bending forces: 20, 30 and 40 tons and in length 3 or 4 feet. Rebel bending machines are economical […]

press brake cone application PB 350

Press Brake 165 tons – Cone application

The press brake PB 165 tons is assembled in Canada with quality components recognized in North America. This press brake is robust, precise and allows the repetition of bending.  This hydraulic press brake is available in lengths 10, 13 and 16 feet or more. Bending force : 165 tons Bending […]