We have selected for you three machines specially designed for roofing or architectural panel work: The Rebel Folder 14ga Combi, our motorized shear and our Rebel Pro folding machine with hemming tool.   14 Ga x 10′ cnc Rebel Folder      Fast bending Built-in combi for automatic 2-sided bending […]

Delem DAC 360s

Delem DAC 360s controller

The Delem DAC 360s controller provides a user-friendly and versatile solution for shearing machines. It controls back gauge axes, cutting angle, stroke length and gap and automatically calculates the required setting for the cutting angle and gap depending on material properties and thickness. 100 shearing programms of 25 cuts can […]

Rebel Shear

New Rebel Shear – THE Best Affordable Shear on the Market!

Looking for a robust and affordable hydraulic shear? We have the solution ! The new Rebel shear will perfectly meet your needs. With a sleek design according to your company’s colors, a robust welded steel frame and hardened blades for greater precision, the Rebel shear combines performance, design and affordability. […]

Shear video PB Series Metfab

PB Series Shear 1/4” video

The PB series shears are the most robust shears on the market thanks to their heavy duty frame. All components are of very high quality and easily accessible in North America. The PB shears are equipped with a pneumatic sheet support, ball screws and a CNC Delem 360 allowing you […]