Rebel Folder 14ga Combi & Straight

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  • Folding length: 10′
  • Folding capacity:
    • Steel: 14 ga (0,0787″)
    • Stainless steel: 18 ga (0,047″)
    • Aluminum: 0.118″


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SKU: REBEL-DOLFER-14ga Category:
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The REBEL Folder 14ga is a sheet metal folding machine specially designed for all your folding needs in the fields of roofing, HVAC, tinsmithing, ventilation and maple syrup. Combined with our mechanical shears, you  have the essential duo for your production. The Rebel Folder 14ga exists in a straight and combi version.


Rebel Folder 14ga specification

  • Motorized drive of upper and lower rams (Z and Y axis)
  • Servo motor drive of the backgauge (X axis)
  • 6.30″ top ram opening (clamping beam) allows for easy boxing and paneling
  • Manual adjustment lower deck (folding beam) at 3,14″
  • 39″ rectangular motorized backgauge table with ball casters
  • Front light curtains
  • LED light in different colors depending on machine status (error, maintenance, active)
  • 15.6” touchscreen controller on swivel arm
  • 3 switch foot pedal

Technical Datas of REBEL folder 14ga straight and combi

  • Folding length: 10 feet
  • Folding capacity:
    • Steel: 14 ga (0,0787″)
    • Stainless steel: 18 ga (0,047″)
    • Aluminum: 0.118″

Rebel Folders in few words

  • Fast, accurate, compact and silent
  • Very low maintenance and operating costs
  • Big clamping beam opening for box and pan
  • The combi version allows automatic folding on both sides


Additional information

Bending Length (feet)

Bending length

Folding capacity - Mild Steel 45Kg/mm2

Folding capacity - Stainless Steel 60Kg/mm2

Folding capacity - Aluminum 30Kg/mm2

Day light

*The specifications are indicatives and may be subject to change.


Rebel folder 14ga combi demo


Many options can be added to your Rebel Folder

Backgauge options

  • 9″/ 78″/ 118″/ 157″ motorized back gauge system and sheet support table.

Rebel Folder 14ga straight backgauge

  • L shape back gauge system

L-Shape backgauge Rebel Folder

  • U shape back gauge system

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