Ironworker IW 90

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5 workstation dual operator ironworker 90 tons

  • Punch
  • Profile cut
  • Angle cut
  • Round and Square bar shear
  • Notch
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Ironworkers machines are multi-purpose machines for metal working. The hydraulic ironworker IW 90 has a force of 90 tons and has five workstations, allowing punching, notching, profile cutting, angle cutting and shearing of the square and round metal bars. This machine has a double piston that allows 2 operators to work at the same time.  The distance of the piston stroke is adjustable according to the thickness of the metal for a better productivity.  This ironworker is also equipped with a working light.

All of our REBEL series ironworkers have high-end components that are well known and available in the North American market. 

Ironworker machine IW 90 – 5 workstation dual operator

  1. Punching Ø 1.30” x 3/4” thick (33 x 20 mm)
  2. Shearing steel solid round Ø 1.97” (50 mm) and square metal bar 1.97” (50 mm)
  3. Angle cutting 90° : 5.90 x 5.90 x 5/8” (150 x 150 x 15 mm)
  4. Profile cutting up to 14.96” for a flat bar of thickness 3/4”and up to 4,72” for a profile with an angle of 5/8” thick.
  5. U Notching 1/2”


Thanks to additional equipment, it is possible to cut U-sections, I-section profiles and T-sections. The blades are held by efficient jaws that ensure the equipment can be arranged easily at the machine without any additional adjustment.

How to work the ironworker machine IW 90

1. Punching station

All metal punching operations are processed by means of hydraulic power, thus giving the machine the ability to punch very efficiently and silently. The machine can either be used to punch thick metal or thin materials layered together. Punching is silent, powerful, and efficient. The waste materials come off together and in layers. The punching table consists of two parts: the first is the punching flange; the second is the holder. The holder is a device that prevents the material from coming back with the punch after cutting. There are different holders for different materials.

2. Shearing station

The metal shear station has been equipped with simple and sturdy fixing mechanisms that can be adjusted for any steel thickness depending on the cutting capacity of the machine. The shearing capacity can go up to 17.71 inches in the flat bar or the cutting of corner profiles. The shearing blades, built for mass production, can be used on both sides (the upper blade has 2 cutting edges, the lower blade has 4 cutting edges). This ensures a clean cut with minimal warping, from the full capacity down to a thickness of only 1/8 inch.

3. Cutting station

This station enables the cutting of large angles with a capacity ranging from 17 3/4 inches to 35 1/2 inches.

4. Profile cutting station

Standard machines are equipped with blades for cutting round and square metal bars. Thanks to additional equipment, it is possible to cut U-sections, I-section profiles and T-sections. The blades are held by efficient jaws that ensure the equipment can be arranged easily at the machine without any additional adjustment.

5. Notching station

The standard metal notching station is equipped with an adjustable rectangle unit and threading table, enabling repeatable positioning. Additional installations are available for narrow widths or for notching V angles up to 17 3/4 inches. Furthermore, it is possible to acquire units for forming at bar ends and for easy notching tasks.


Additional information

Weight 5104 lbs
Dimensions 75.59 × 37.40 × 80.31 in
Main motor power

7.5 KW

Punching - Diameter x max. Thickness

1.30'' x 3/4'' (33 mm x 20 mm), 2.24'' x 1/2'' (57 mm x 12 mm)

Punching - Maximum Diameter

4.33'' x 5/32'' (110 mm x 4 mm)

Punching - Stroke

3.15” (80 mm)

Punching - Throat depth

13.98'' (355 mm)

Punching - Worktable height

42.52'' (1080 mm)

Shearing round bar

1.97'' (50 mm)

Shearing square bar

1.97'' (50 mm)

Angle shear 90°

5.90” x 5.90” x 0.59” (150 x 150 x 15 mm)

Angle shear 45°

3.15'' x 5/16'' (80 x 8 mm)

Angle shear - Worktable height

47.2'' (1200 mm)

Profile shear - Flat bar

14.96'' x 3/4'' (380 x 20 mm), 18.89'' x 5/8'' (480 x 15 mm)

Profile shear - Shearing with angle

4.72'' x 5/8'' (120 x 15 mm)

Profile shear - Blade length

18.97'' (482 mm)

Profile shear - Worktable height

37.01'' (940 mm)

Notching - Thickness

1/2'' (13 mm)

Notching - Width

2.05'' (52 mm)

Notching - Depth

3.94'' (100 mm)

Notching - Worktable height

37.01'' (940 mm)

Max bending force

90 ton

*The specifications are indicatives and may be subject to change.


PB IW Iron Worker
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