Horizontal press brake Rebel 80T

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  • Max bending force : 80 ton
  • Motor power : 10.06 hp
  • Table height 37.40 inches
  • Workbench dimension 21.65 x 24.41 inches
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SKU: REBEL Horizontale 80T Categories: ,
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The horizontal press brake Rebel 80T has a movable control panel with push buttons for ease of operation. It has a solid table made of spheroidal cast iron formed to support loads significantly greater than any bending stresses.

Specifications of the horizontal press brake Rebel 80T :

  • Easy operation with mobile control panel with push buttons
  • Solid work table made in special spheroid cast iron, suitably shaped to withstand loads notably greater to all bending stresses
  • Easy adjustable stroke distance from front side
  • Hydraulically moving carriage of forged steel with double slides, suitably hardened, grounded and protected by dust scrapers
  • Moving beam slided on the table in rigid way
  • Micrometer adjustment of the carriage stroke by hydraulic valve by hand wheels, positioned in front of the machine
  • Continuous strokes adjustment, even under the highest working pressure, so as to obtain the bending angle desired without practice tests and samples
  • Hydraulic single block power unit with the possibility of adjusting the pressure
  • Approach feed speed adjustment through flow control valve
  • Die holder pins made in alloy steel with rapid conical change, hardened and grounded to obtain a strong lock
  • Roomy side tool holder shelves beside the machine


Additional information

Weight 3527 lbs
Dimensions 47.24 × 29.53 × 56.30 in

Max bending force

Approaching speed


Main motor power

*The specifications are indicatives and may be subject to change.


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