Forma Z 30 combi beam

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  • Folding length: 10 feet
  • Folding capacity:
    • Steel: 11 ga
    • Stainless steel: 14 ga
    • Aluminum: 0.177″
  • Combi-beam rotation
SKU: FORMA-Z-30 Category:
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The Forma Z 30 combi beam is a fast and accurate folding machine. It is used for industrial use in continuous operation.  The Forma Z folder is the most versatile folder in the market due to its combi-beam rotation and optional dual sided high divided tools. This folder is equipped with a ProLink W 21.5″ CNC with widescreen and integrated buttons that controls the thinkness and folding center. The safety of the machine is increased thanks to the safety laser and light curtain.

The Forma Z 30 folder is extremely efficient in the factory thanks to:

  • Combi-beam rotation, don’t waist time to flip your metal sheet, save time and money
  • The tool can be changed faster using the high divided tools on combi upper beam
  • Even the most complex parts can be manufactured in one configuration

Many options are available for the Forma Z 30 industrial folding machine: Motorized back gauge with ball transfers, automatic lubrication, offline software for ProLink W, robot interface, vacuum grippers for semi-automation, additional pedals, as well as many tools to make all your folds easily.

Specifications of folding machine Forma Z 30 combi beam

  • Folding length: 126”
  • Clamping beam: 8.3”
  • Folding motor: 2 x 5.4 HP
  • Clamping beam motor: 2 x 1.5 HP
  • Folding capacity:
    • Steel: 11 ga
    • Stainless steel: 14 ga
    • Aluminum: 0.177″

CIDAN folding machines in a few words:

  • Fast, accurate, compact and silent
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very low maintenance operating costs
  • Versatile and can produce a large range of profiles with minimal tools
  • Easy to use, only one operator required

Additional information

Weight 15700 lbs
Dimensions 193 × 108 × 78 in
Bending length


Bending Length (feet)


Folding capacity - Mild Steel 45Kg/mm2

11 ga (0.1196”)

Folding capacity - Stainless Steel 60Kg/mm2

14 ga (0.075'')

Folding capacity - Aluminum 30Kg/mm2


Main motor power

5.4 HP

*The specifications are indicatives and may be subject to change.


Folding machine Forma Z combi beam rotation
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