Angle Roll Rebel 4R 90

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  • Roll bender with 4 rolls
  • Motor 5.5 kW
  • Rolls diameter 10.23”
  • 3 rolls are hydraulic driven
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SKU: Rebel 4R 90 Categories: ,
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operation of 4 roll bender 4R 90 110The Rebel 4R 90 roll bender is an hydraulic angle roll with 4 rolls. This roll bender can operate in vertical or horizontal position. Three of the rolls are hydraulically driven and have planetary gearbox installed to concentrate the power on the metal to bend. The axis are three-dimensional, they can be moved up and down and back and forwards for better adaptation to different bending radius.

The large distance between the lateral axes makes possible to bend more easily larger diameters and the 4-roll bender allow a smaller minimum diameter than with a 3-roll bending machine. The three hydraulic rolls provide a shorter flat on edges. The diameter of the rolls is 10.23” and the diameter of the shafts is 3.54”.

Its universal standard rollers adapted to all types of sections and pipes. Some special bending tools for HE, INP and UNP beams can be added as extra accessories. This 4-roll bending machine is more accurate for pipe and aluminum profiles.

Optionally also, we can add hydraulic lateral guide rolls and a CNC.

Our Hydraulic Rebel Roll Benders are equipped with:

  • Planetary gearbox installed directly on each roller, with hydraulic motor and high-load rotation to concentrate the machine’s power on the material for bending and save energy
  • Radial planetary motion system on bending rolls to keep friction to a minimum
  • Permanent lubrication of all machine components inside watertight compartments with a unique system that lubricates the machine for the duration of its lifespan
  • Double ball bearings to eliminate bushing tolerance and the friction that leads to power loss
  • Digital Read-Outs


Additional information

Weight6173 lbs
Dimensions66.93 × 57.09 × 47.24 in
Number of rolls

Upper roll shaft

Bottom Rolls shaft

Rolls Diameter

Main motor power

*The specifications are indicatives and may be subject to change.

Pipe bending Capacity

 4R 704R 904R 110 
No.Profile TypeSizeMin. DiamSizeMin. DiamSizeMin. DiamNotes
1Flat Bar2,36 x 0,3919,693,94 x 0,7978,743,94 x 0,7931,50Standard Rolls
0,79 x 0,29,843,15 x 0,7931,501,18 x 0,3915,75
  1,18 x 0,3911,81  
2Flat Bar3,15 x 0,7919,694,92 x 0,9823,627,87 x 1,1847,24Standard Rolls
1,97 x 0,29,842,36 x 0,211,816,3 x 1,3831,50
    3,15 x 0,215,75
3Square Bar1,26 x 1,2615,751,77 x 1,7719,692,36 x 2,3629,53Standard Rolls
0,47 x 0,479,840,59 x 0,5914,960,59 x 0,5915,75
4Round Bar1,3813,781,9719,692,9531,50Optional Rolls
5Tube2,36 x 0,0823,623,94 x 0,147,244,92 x 0,155,12Optional Rolls
0,59 x 0,067,870,59 x 0,0414,960,59 x 0,0417,72
6Pipe2 x 0,1515,753 x 0,2231,504 x 0,2439,37Optional Rolls
1/2 x 0,117,871/2 x 0,1114,961/2 x 0,1117,72
7Rectangular Tube1,97 x 0,98 x 0,1217,723,15 x 0,98 x 0,1231,503,94 x 1,57 x 0,1651,18Optional Rolls
0,79 x 0,59 x 0,089,840,98 x 0,59 x 0,0813,780,98 x 0,59 x 0,0817,72
8Square Tube1,77 x 0,1223,622,76 x 0,1251,183,15 x 0,259,06Optional Rolls
0,79 x 0,0811,810,98 x 0,0815,750,98 x 0,0817,72
9Steel Angle2,36 x 2,36 x 0,2425,593,15 x 3,15 x 0,3131,503,94 x 3,94 x 0,4739,37Optional Rolls
1,18 x 1,18 x 0,1613,781,18 x 1,18 x 0,1217,721,57 x 1.57 x 0,1627,56
10Steel Angle1,97 x 1,97 x 0,221,652,76 x 2,76 x 0,2827,563,94 x 3,94 x 0,3939,37Optional Rolls
1,18 x 1,18 x 0,1613,781,18 x 1,18 x 0,1217,721,57 x 1,57 x 0,1621,65
11Steel Tee Bar2,36 x 0,2821,653,15 x 0,3531,503,94 x 0,4339,37Standard Rolls
0,79 x 0,129,840,98 x 0,1411,021,18 x 0,1615,75
12Steel Tee Bar1,97 x 0,2419,692,76 x 0,3131,503,54 x 0,3939,37Optional Rolls
0,79 x 0,129,840,98 x 0,1411,021,18 x 0,1615,75
13Steel Tee Bar2,36 x 0,2819,693,15 x 0,3531,503,94 x 0,4339,37Optional Rolls
0,79 x 0,129,841,18 x 0,1611,811,18 x 0,1615,75
14U-ChannelUPN 8023,62UPN 14062,99UPN 18035,43Standard Rolls**
UPN 309,84UPN 12035,43UPN 3015,75
  UPN 10023,620,000,00
15U-ChannelUPN 6523,62UPN 14062,99UPN 18039,37Standard Rolls**
UPN 309,84UPN 12039,37UPN 3015,75
  UPN 10031,50  
16I-BeamIPN 8023,62IPN 12023,62IPN 18039,37Standard Rolls**
  IPN 8015,75IPN 8015,75

* Sizes are in inch
** A special washer can be necessary

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