Folding machines

CIDAN folding machines

  • CIDAN folding machines are perfect for folding thin material : steel, stainless steel, aluminium
  • Ideal for plating shops, ventilation plants, etc.
  • Fast and accurate (maximum speed of 98 inches per minute)
  • Compact and silent
  • Low energy consumption
  • Very low maintenance operating costs
  • Versatile and can produce a large range of profiles with minimal tools
  • Easy to use, a single operator needed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • We offer different models of sheet metal folders with CNC controller
  • Folding length from 100 to 166 po according to CIDAN machines
  • Thalman TZ series folding machines : length from 10,5′ to 39,3′ and  143° max. folding angle.