The importance of preventive maintenance

Industrial preventive maintenance

Metfab offers a new industrial maintenance service for all your machines, whatever the brand of your machines. We offer preventive maintenance and emergency repair service.

Why is preventive maintenance important?

Preventative maintenance is important to prevent machinery breakdown and increase the life and the efficiency of your machines. Regular inspections of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical components can anticipate major breakdown, optimize the use of equipment and ensure the safety of your employees.

To help you focus on your work, we can do the maintenance for you.

How does preventive maintenance work?

Some items should be checked every month, every 6 months and some parts every two years. One of our electromechanical technicians inspects your machines and carries out the maintenance of the machine according to the type of equipment and the scheduled preventive maintenance program. Here are some examples of preventative maintenance:

Industrial preventive maintenance

  • Grease the bearings
  • Grease the ram slides
  • Clean the tools
  • Hydraulic inspection
  • Verify the belts
  • Hydraulic filter replacement
  • Check oil levels, oil and drain
  • Replace damaged parts
  • Adapt equipment to new standards and production requirements

What are the risks of an unplanned maintenance?

Poor maintenance of the machine often leads to poor performance, increased downtime for machines and employees and causes unpredictable costs.

The breakdown of the machine is the most important risk for your company because an idle equipment will make you waste a lot of time in your production line. The time it takes to troubleshoot, order and install replacement parts can cost you many days of work and the cost of reactive maintenance is usually more expensive than preventive maintenance.

Industrial maintenance on all machines

We are specialized in metalworking equipment and we can do  maintenance on all the industrial machines, whatever the brand and the type of electrical, hydraulic or manual equipment, as press brakes, bending machines, plate rolls, shears, ironworkers, punching machines …

We also urgently repair in case of breakdown of one of your industrial machines. One of our technicians will research the origin of the failure and proceed to its repair.

Contact us to get a quote for the industrial maintenance of your machines.

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